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20 Photos That Prove Cats Are In Fact From Another Planet, Just Waiting To Be Beamed Back To The Mothership

Some people have described cats as seeming “almost alien.” That being the case, what if it were true?

Some people find cats almost scary, hard to believe, but true. Their independent somewhat aloof attitude puts some people off. So much so they never take the time to get to know these amazing animals. Preferring to keep them at arm’s length, treating them as though they were from another planet.

But what if that was true? What if cats really did come from another world?

Featured below is photographic proof that cats are actually an alien life form, from time to time called back to their mothership and leaving Earth. You can almost hear them say –

1/ “Farewell, hoomans, my planet needs me!”

2/ Nooo, I’m not ready!

3/ Farewell my hooman slaves, I shall return

4/ What the …..!!

5/ Bye Tom, Bye Jerry

6/ He’s going to get a huge surprise when he wakes up!

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7/ Please! Let me take the bed too!

8/ Bye Marlene

9/ I can run from the mothership but I can’t hide

10/ It would appear trying to hide in the closet from the mothership was not such a great idea!

11/ Space camp here we come

12/ Its actually quite bland inside the mother ship

13/ Oh Well!! Almost had that mouse!

14/ Take me with you, John!

15/ Damit, almost made it to the fridge!

16/ Could have given me a heads-up first!

17/ Whoa! This whole levitation thing is quite freaky!

18/ Ok, wasn’t expecting this?

19/ Floating toward the lights

20/ They’re gonna take the cat in the mirror too?

20/ No! Not my Tiddles!


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