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Covered In Flies, Motionless, A Tiny Kitten Lies On The Side Of the Road. Too Late, About To Move On, She Sees It Take A Shallow Breath!

Riding her bike to work early one morning she sees a sad sight lying on the side of the road and stops to see if she can help.

She’s on her way to work one morning, riding her bike, when she sees a kitten lying on the side of the road. Stopping to see if there is anything she can do she finds she is too late. The poor little thing is beyond her help.

Its tiny body was covered in flies and eggs, there was not the slightest movement. Knowing there was nothing she could do she is about to move on when something shocking happened!

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

The kitten takes a shallow breath, somehow it is clinging on to life. Reddit user  Old_Donkey_Teeth was shocked that even in this condition it was somehow still alive!

She quickly scooped it up from the side of the road and rode as quickly as she could to the nearest vet, forgetting she needed to start work.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

When they arrived at the clinic, due to the seriousness of the kitten’s condition the vet saw it immediately. She was in very bad shape; not even a third of the weight she should be for her age.

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Finding her in such poor condition, not knowing what else to do they take her home. Hoping against hope they can save her!

Covered in ants it looks like they are too late when suddenly they see the barest twitch of hope!

She was severely malnourished and covered in fleas and maggots.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Old_Donkey_Teeth decided that she had to save this kitten giving her the name Trinket. Once Trinket had received the necessary treatment she needed from the clinic her rescuer took her home.

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