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Crying Over And Over She Needed Someone Special To Help Fill The Void Left By Losing Her Family!

Seeing a young kitten about to cross a busy road she pulls over as fast as she can in an attempt to save its life!

A Good Samaritan based in Florida pulls over just in time to rescue a tiny kitten as it is about to be hit by an oncoming car. Having come within an inch of losing her life she is plucked to safety in the nick of time, leaving the tiny feline crying over and over.

The reason for her crying would soon become clear because the rescuer reached out for help on social media and Nadija, a foster Mom for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, offered to give the tiny orphan a home.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Nadija spent a long first night with the young girl who was still crying for her family. She missed her Mom and her siblings.

“I keep telling her she is one of the lucky ones to have found her way into a foster home,” said Nadija.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

After being given a good wash and treated for parasites, two days later the little girl had settled in. Very sassy, one thing she seemed certain to keep since her arrival was her talkative nature.

“She’s very vocal, playful, and super sweet. Ohh and absolutely adorable,” Nadija added.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Nadija named her new addition Darby. At only around 5 weeks old she made up for her diminutive size with her abundant personality.

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On their way to the shelter, they are surprised to see a tiny kitten trying to cross the road!

Still moving it had been abandoned on the side of the road and just caught the officer’s eye!

Within her first week in her new home, she had really begun to shine.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

“This girl is so outgoing, sassy, very vocal, and has an amazing set of pipes,” shared Nadija.

As a singleton Nadija knew the outgoing girl might benefit from being paired up with another cat or kitten. She just happened to know the right trio of siblings for the job.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

After arriving a few weeks earlier Mango, Coconut and Lemon had been rescued through a TNR program. They seemed like the perfect match for Darby.

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