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Yes Your Cat Knows Its Name, It’s Just Choosing To Ignore You

What’s intriguing though is that in a recent study many cats seem to respond just as readily when another cats name is called

The recent study was undertaken in a Cat Cafe, what was found was that when one cat’s name was called almost all the cats responded.

Our communication with cats is not as well studied as human communication with dogs, however, the paper did say that some things have been better understood. These things include cats being fairly sensitive to an owners emotions, and a cats ability to tell the difference between its owner’s voice and that of a strange.

The paper may want to include though, who owns who in said relationship between cats and humans is still very much up for debate. The assumption made that humans are in fact the owners is not so clear for some people and probably should be noted.

“2012_0501_002”by kunchia is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
But wait there’s more:

However much cats may like to pretend they are wild creatures temporarily couch surfing in our homes, the paper notes the sounds made by Felis catus are more pleasant to the human ear than those of the African wild cat from which they are descended. Presumably, this is because, over almost 10,000 years of living together, the cats with the greatest ability to communicate with us, have been the ones most likely to pass on their genes.

On the other hand, if cats have anything like the capacity to understand humans that dogs have demonstrated, for example, the ability to use human cues to find hidden food, they are keeping it under wraps.

Still, the next time you call your cat and they pretend not to know you are talking to them, you can at least feel confident they are faking it.

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