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He Knew He Had Adopted A Special Cat. It Wasn’t Till He Passed Away They Learned How Special He Was.

All his life Iozelli Renzo had loved animals, especially cats. So when in his 60’s, the opportunity to adopt a 3-month-old kitten came his way he grabbed it with both hands.

Good thing too, as time went by everyone would learn this cat was very special.

He gave his new friend the name Toldo and they bonded right from the start, becoming very close. Living in Montagnana in northern Italy they led a good life until at the age of 71, Toldo’s owner passed away.

Screenshot via YouTube/wocomoWILDLIFE

It is very clear that Toldo loved his human very much and missed him a great deal because according to Corriere Fiorentino he has been visiting Iozelli’s grave every day for the past year, leaving gifts as he does so.

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He refuses to leave his owner’s grave, even when someone tries to adopt him.

He hasn’t seen his owner for years, then he sees this video!

Apparently, he leaves his human friend all sorts of things, leaves, plastic cups and twigs, whatever he can find.

Screenshot via YouTube/wocomoWILDLIFE

This behavior started right away as Toldo followed Iozelli’s funeral procession, no one really paid it too much attention.

That is until something extremely unique happened!

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