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After Losing Their Owner And Their Home, All These Two Cats Had Left Was Each Other

After their owner passed away they lost their home, the one place they felt safe and secure, all they had left was each other.

After their owner passed away, the extended family could have taken in these two cats, these two feline friends. Instead, they were abandoned at a shelter.

They had lost their owner, they had lost their home, they now found themselves in a completely foreign environment. Scared, lost and very stressed, all they had left now was each other.

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline DeAmor

Two months ago they were brought to Orange County Animal Care shelter after their owner had passed. Finding themselves in a completely foreign place, they were scared and bewildered. The only thing that kept them going was the strong bond they shared.

Sandy, a 5-year-old Singapura, snuggled into her best friend, Danny a 10-year-old orange and white Tabby. Hiding her face almost the whole time they were at the shelter.

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Co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, Los Angeles, found out about the sad pair after coming across them in the shelter listings.

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline DeAmor

She immediately decided to try and help.

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