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Finding A Trapped Kitten He Is Told By His Boss To Get Back To Work! He Promises Her He Will Come Back, That’s Exactly What He Did

As he is working in the yard he hears a kitten’s cries for help, Searching in the dark he can’t find anything, then he gets closer to one car in particular.

On Wednesday, October 30th, carman Chris Small was at work in the railway yards of Louisville, Kentucky when he hears a kitten crying for help from somewhere amongst the parked cars. It had just finished raining, after searching around in the dark he wasn’t having much luck in tracking down the distressed meows.

“It was dark and had just stopped raining so I couldn’t see anything. I began to look around as I was inspecting the cars,” said Chris.

Photo Courtesy of Aprile Small

However, as he got closer to one tank car in he heard the kitten’s cries again. This time they were much louder. She seemed to be crying from somewhere inside the car?

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Doing her best to follow this kitten’s loud cries, she reached in to try and pull her free.

He found her, completely trapped, firmly wedged between two brick walls!

“I bent down, and through a cut in the seal, I could see a tiny face,” he added. “I told my boss a kitten was in the tank car and we needed to put the car in the shop so we could get it out. He said no, to leave the cat where it was because it would climb out on its own, and for me to get back to work.”

Photo Courtesy of Aprile Small

Chris couldn’t see how such a tiny kitten would be able to climb out all her own? After all, that’s why she was crying for help in the first place! How long had she been trapped there without food or water?

With Animal Control now closed there was no one available to help the little feline. Chris made the kitten a promise, if she was still trapped, still crying for help by the time he finished his shift, he would come back for her.

Chris kept his promise too. After his shift was over he went back, there she was still trapped, still, crying for help. So he ran back to the workshop and got a pair of garbage tongs.

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