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Yes, I Love You, But It’s Not With All Of My Heart. It’s With All Of My……?

There’s an old song from the 1980s from a group called “Split Enz,” called “Message To My Girl.” One of the lines is “I want to say I love you, “but” that would give away too much.”

When I saw this cat it reminded me of that song, it looks like she wants to say she loves her owner, but it is not with her heart it’s with her butt!! She’s not shy about it either, she puts it right out there for the whole world to see.

And she has succeeded in that too because now the whole world can see it right here on the internet via Facebook and the Kitten Cat Post.

She’s going to great lengths to show just how much she loves her owner, there are no half moons here, not with this kitty, no waxing or waning.

No half measures at all, yep, it’s definitely gonna be a full moon, she’s made sure of that.

You can watch this hilarious kitty below, make sure you click play:

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