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Watch As This Adorable Kangaroo Tries To Befriend A Reluctant Cat

This Kangaroo is very persistent, you have to give her that. This cat is less than enthusiastic but Hop the kangaroo is just not going to give up!

Being persistent usually, pay’s off in the end. And you have to give it Hop, she is definitely one very persistent Kangaroo. Her overtures of friendship with the family cat initially do not go well

She may have come on a little bit too strong to start with? The cat certainly let her know in no uncertain terms that this was not the way to treat her.

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Let’s see if Hop has learned the error of her ways and she remains friends, just like this cute pair?

You can watch the full video right here:

This is an amazing animal friendship in the making this Kangaroo tries its best to befriend a cute cat. By the looks of it, this kangaroo will not give up until this kitty accepts him as a friend.

Storyful shares “Hop is a pet kangaroo but her sense of fun very much resembles that of a dog. The family cat was not impressed when Hop tried to encourage her to play, eventually leaving Hop by herself to figure out what she had done wrong. The good news is, as you can see, the pair made up.”

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Starving and wandering the roads alone she sees him. Knowing this might be her last chance she musters the last of her strength and runs right to him.

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