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Who’s Been In This Situation?

Sometimes you just can’t turn your back on them, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Look away for just a few minutes and all mayhem can break loose. Especially in the bathroom!

We all know about the connection between dogs and bones, there’s just this special affinity that exists. They play with them, chew them and take them out into the back yard and bury them.

But what about cats? Yes, they love to sleep, and we all know about catnip and its psychotropic effects on our four-footed friends. But I don’t know if we could class that as good clean fun?

So if there is one thing that is going to knock catnip from its number one spot I think it has to be toilet paper. If you ever want to entertain your cats, shut them in a room and toss in a few roles of toilet paper. Just be prepared to clean up the mess when they are finished.

If you need proof of this special bond just watch the video below. These kittens parents just turned their back for 5 minutes, 5 minutes and a disaster of epic proportions breaks out in the bathroom.

I just hope no one in this household gets caught short, because bt the time these guys are finished there won’t be a scrap left to use.

Check out all the cut kitten action below:

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