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Who Say’s You Can’t Teach An Old Cat New Tricks?

Hoote Cat was languishing in a shelter when he was adopted by a kind lady. You won’t believe what he has transformed into! He is amazing!

Believe it or not, you can teach an old cat new tricks! Hoote Cat and his human are trying to get the message out there regarding the number of amazing cats, doing time in shelters, some even on kitty cat death row, just waiting to be discovered.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

Cats capable of bringing as much joy into a new owner’s, a new families life, just like Hoote Cat himself is with his human.

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With food and a little patience, you really can teach a cat almost anything, good food though, as Hoote Cat points out he is a true foodie cat.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

And remember:

“FYI…you can call me HOOTie CAT or HOOTy CAT buy my real name is ” HOOTe CAT ” ! no “i” no “y” just “e”.”

You can watch the full video right here below:

This charming tuxedo’s name is Hoote and being a senior cat in a shelter, he was extremely lucky to have been found a new home.

When you watch this video, you will clearly see that older cats can be playful, loving and just as intelligent as any kitten can be.

His forever human explained that he had no problem mastering tricks like these, especially when he realized food was involved! What an adorable fur-baby!

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Coming home one day he finds five very wet, very cold, abandoned kittens lying in his bed?

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