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Who Needs A Boyfriend When You Have A Cat Like This?

I don’t know if Jonasek’s owner has a husband or boyfriend to shower with kisses, one thing is for sure, she sure doesn’t need one when she has Jonasek around!

Because Jonasek is quite possibly the most affectionate cat someone could ever hope to have. Along with receiving cute cat bath’s, she also receives equally cute cat kisses as well.

To find out why being too affectionate went wrong for this cat click here.

One thing is for sure, she is one very lucky lady.

You can watch this very affectionate cat right here:

Hi, I’m Jonášek and I like to shower my mommy with kisses to show her my affection (to help her clean herself as well). I usually do it for a short time but this time I did it almost for 5 minutes! And this time finally there was someone around with a camera who could catch this awesome moment! — Sorry for video quality which is little bit worse – unfortunately, the lightning wasn’t the best. But still, this is cool, isn’t it? Purrs’n’ meows, Jonasek.

The very affectionate kitty who won’t stop giving his human lots of kitty kisses. I can’t deny that this is one of the best feelings ever!

You can find out more about Jonasek here.

For more details please go to

Emaciated and also dehydrated she was living in appalling conditions. Doing her best to keep her sole surviving kitten alive.

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