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Who Doesn’t Want To Be Welcomed Home Like This Every Single Day?

After a hard days work we all look forward to coming home to a warm welcome and a nice home cooked meal so we can just kick back and relax!

But if we don’t have a husband, wife, partner, son or daughter to do this for us the next best thing is to be greeted by a pet that has missed us. And this is very much the case for MoonWalkerVideos with his cat Fats.

Fats is very much like this home alone kitten, who can’t wait to see his humans when they come home.

There is no doubt that Fats misses his human when he goes to work! So much so that when MoonWalker comes home he always gets a warm welcome. Fats is always waiting somewhere advantageous to greet his human after a hard day at work.

You can watch the video of Fats warm welcomes right here below:

“Everyday when I come home from work, my cat is there to greet me. He waits for me by the window or runs down the stairs, then he’ll stretch, fall, and go belly up,” TheMoonwalkerVideos wrote.

Who doesn’t want to be welcomed home by a fluffy and adorable kitty, in this case, its Fats, a very fluffy very loving kitty.


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