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Whenever She Does Her Laundry Her Cat Does This.

Put this little girl somewhere in your house, the laundry, a bedroom or practically anywhere and your trouble with dirty laundry will be over. Heck, your whole family will be entertained from dawn till dusk.

S F globe mainly carries story’s about dogs. Nothing wrong with that. But not even they could resist carrying this story about a kitten who loves catching the laundry as it is thrown into the basket. I can see why too! This little girl takes doing the laundry to a whole new level. I can’t believe it, she’s made even doing the laundry fun?!!

If I only had her in my son’s bedroom! The changes she would make in my life would be dramatic. No more laundry on his bedroom floor, no more dirty socks, underwear and clothes just lying around begging to be picked up. They would be where they should be, shock, horror, in his laundry basket. She would keep him well entertained.

This little girl makes doing a thankless task fun with a capital F. And who doesn’t need or want this mundane chore turned on its head into a fun job? With her in the house this would become a job, one I would look forward to! Can’t believe I just said that!!?

Watch as this kitten takes doing the laundry a new delight!!

SF Globe has a lot of funny dog stories, but cats are just as delightful. This cutie helps out by catching any laundry tossed into the hamper. Even if they miss, this little one shoots to the rescue and tosses it into the bin. If I had a cat like this at my house, I know everyone would be good about tossing their dirties into the hamper.

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