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When He Stops Petting She Lets Out The Sweetest Cry For More

As we all know there is nothing cuter than a tiny kitten. Heart meltingly adorable when should a human step in to take care of one?

As with most animals when a kitten is born it relies completely on its Mom for all its immediate needs.

This includes feeding, cleaning, and pretty much all of the kitten’s immediate needs, which includes keeping the kitten healthy and safe.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/cute_cats70

But what happens if a kittens Mom is not able to care for the kitten, or if the newborn is abandoned altogether? This is where a human is needed to step in and take care of the kitten.

Caring for kittens is not as straightforward as you might think. Luckily though kittens warm up to their foster parents pretty quickly and bond with their new Mom or Dad in no time.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/officially.kimi

For this reason, when a shelter needs help rescuing kittens, they usually place the orphans with a human foster parent.

This was the case when Best Friends LA needed help with a litter of seven very cute kittens.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

Once they knew they were safe in their new foster home the young kittens adjusted right away!

Their favorite pastime soon became lapping up all the attention, especially being petted, they just couldn’t get enough!

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

Seeing just how cute they were, the foster parents decided to record them. And of course, that meant sharing the video with the world.

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How long can you bear unbearable cuteness?

Exhausted from being way too cute, she falls asleep in the safest place she can find.

Whenever these tiny creatures did something cute, out came the camera. The video they captured is priceless.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

Although they all loved this constant attention from Mom and Dad, one kitten, in particular, was more demanding than her siblings.

In the video she is being scratched under her chin and loving every second, that is until the scratching suddenly stops!

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

As soon as the person’s hand stops moving, the look on the kitten’s face changes.

She wants more attention. To get her point across, she opens her mouth and lets out a surprisingly loud meow.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

Once her foster parent hears the kitten’s booming voice, they start petting her again.

This kitten is so relaxed from all the attention she never opens her eyes. Then, the hand stops again.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

This happens several times. The person starts petting her and then stops. Then, the kitten lets out another meow.

Silly girl, all she wants is infinite pets so she can relax and takes a nap. Is that too much to ask for? We don’t think so.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

This isn’t the only kitten being fostered. There’s another adorable gray baby in the background, probably also looking for attention.

You can bet this house full of kittens is a fun place to spend time.

Screenshot via YouTube Screenshot/Rumble Viral

This video is so cute you’ve got to see it for yourself.

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