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When She Runs The Bath This Cat Does The Unexpected!

Usually, water and cats do not go together, so when we humans take a bath or shower the last you expect to find a cat is in the bathroom. Usually.

There are exceptions, of course, cats like Bengals, Maine Coons, Turkish Vans, Savannah’s and The Snowshoe Cat generally love water, something the run of the mill domestic cats hate.

But even here there exceptions too. We all have our likes and dislikes and cats are no differant. That being the case, not all domestic cats hate water.

Take one cat that lives in Japan, when her owner runs the bath this cat gets excited. She does the complete opposite of what these cats do when their Mom takes a shower.

To watch this cute kitty take to the water click next below:

While most cats hate being in the water, this adorable black and white kitty from Japan is the opposite. Because Moo the cat loves to take a bath! Especially when her human is taking a bath with her.

Moo’s human demonstrates in this video how excited Moo the cat when she realized she’s going to take a bath. Such a cute kitty!

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