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When She Opened Her Mouth They Expected Her To Meow, Not Do This.

When this kitten first opened its mouth I expected to hear a meow. The noise she did make was the last thing I expected to hear?

In fact, I have never heard a cat vocalize quite like this? The kitten in question is Pickles, and I think she sounds more like a sheep or a goat than a cat? But I know what Pickles the kitten is doing, Pickles is chattering or chirping.

Domestic cats tend to do this when they are hunting or playing. Cats in the wild have been known to chirp like birds or vocalize like monkeys. Scientists think they do this is in order to get closer to their prey, lulling it into a false sense of security, or perhaps because of adrenaline, getting excited.

Whatever the reason for the chirping sounds Pickles is making, she sure is cute, and one very definitely unique kitten. And she sure is providing a lot of entertainment for the rest of her family.

And lucky for us the rest of the internet too.

Check out this cute but slightly strange kitty here:


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