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They Were Saving A Pitbull From The Streets And Had To Stop, Dumbfounded, When They Saw What She Was Nursing

All breeds of dog have a predisposition to certain behaviors, some are better hunters, some are better at herding, at rescue and yes, some can be more aggressive than others.

I still truly believe, though, that any dog is a reflection of his or her owner. If you train or treat your dog in a negative way, you are going to get a negative dog. Encouraging a dog that as a natural tendency to be highly territorial or a natural tendency towards aggression is only going to make that dog more aggressive towards any potential threat.

If you have a bad owner you tend to end up with a bad dog. However training the same dog with love and kindness, curbs that aggression bringing about a more balanced dog. Pitbulls are no exception to this, yes they tend to be more aggressive than other breeds, but they too have a sweet side to their personalities that can be embraced and encouraged.

Watch this touching video below:

The Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, TX, got to experience that firsthand when a stray pit bull was brought in to be checked out.

The pit bull, nicknamed Pittie, was brought in and it appeared she’d recently given birth, as she had hanging mammary glands that could be nursed from.

And when Pittie was found on the side of the road, an animal was nursing from her: a tiny kitten!

The rescuers believed the kitten, aptly named Kitty, was only about 2 days old. But after being checked out, it was confirmed she wasn’t older than 10 days.

In the video below, Pittie shows how much she loves Kitty, cleaning her off and snuggling her to her face as Kitty is being fed. It’s so heartwarming to watch!

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