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Watch What Happens When Her Foster Mom Walks Into The Room

Wiggles is her name, I can see why too!

She is a little unsteady when she stands on those hind legs. Only eight weeks old, she is apparently the runt of the litter. She may be the runt of the litter, but I bet she’s also the cutest. Especially if she keeps doing her Meerkat impersonation.

According to a vet who posted a comment on the youtube page she is standing like that because she instinctively knows she can launch for a jump, sit, or climb, from that position. It’s very similar to what this kitten does when someone rings the doorbell. But she is stalling in mid-movement while going higher to try and see her foster Mom. Apparently, her motor skills may not have progressed to the point where she knows how to complete the movement.

I don’t know about you, but for me that explanation sort of takes all the fun, and all of the cuteness out of it. I prefer to think she is doing it because she is so happy to see her foster Mom come home. And doing it Meercat style is probably one of the cutest ways to express that happiness too!

Check out this cute little Kitty Cat Meercat here:

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