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She Walked In And Made Herself Right At Home, Making It Clear She Had No Intention Of Leaving!

Seemingly from out of nowhere, she showed up on his porch. He opened the door and she walked right in. Clearly having no intention of leaving she made herself right at home!

One day Imgur user BoogiesOogie saw a grey cat sitting on his porch? It was as if she had turned up out of nowhere as he had never seen her before.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/BoogiesOogie

He opened the porch door and the cat walked right in, very much making herself at home, she showed no sign what so ever she was interested in leaving.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/BoogiesOogie

He soon realized he had been chosen, he was now the proud owner of a very confident cat.

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When he fell asleep he didn’t own a cat, only to wake up with a one fast asleep right there in his lap?

When he went to work that day he didn’t have a cat. When he came home there was one sitting very calming right at home, in his favorite chair!

So BoogiesOogie took his new cat to the vet for a check-up.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/BoogiesOogie

He was in for a surprise!

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