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When He Fell Asleep He Didn’t Own A Pet. When He Woke Up He Had One Sitting Right In His Lap?

Taking an afternoon nap outside is not an unusual thing to do. However, what is unusual is to wake up from one with an uninvited animal sitting in your lap?

Ali, from Queensland Australia, was relaxing in his garden one morning when he fell asleep. When he woke up there was a stray cat sitting right there in his lap, she was asleep too. Without knowing it Ali had been catnapping with a cat!

He decided to take a selfie with this bold feline, it didn’t matter to him that she might have fleas or not, such was the unexpectedness of the situation. Though it wasn’t as sudden as it was for this lady, who literally had a kitten fall into her life.

He allowed her to keep sleeping, when she finally woke up she let him know in no uncertain terms it was time for breakfast.

You can watch the video of this unexpected arrival below:

Ali didn’t have any cat food in the house so he gave her leftover chicken from his previous meal and the skinny feline wolfed it down. He had never had a pet before but he quickly gained this stray kitty’s trust.

He named her Angel and a visit to the vet revealed that she was in purr-fect health. The two are now living permanently together and have become the best of friends. it’s so lovely to see that Angel has found her forever home and together they have become the dynamic duo!

This man found himself adopted by a cat in a carpark on a freezing winter evening.

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