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What This Cat Does Next Will Have You Reaching For The Kleenex

She doesn’t like the sound that’s for sure, but where’s it coming from? Should she stay and find out what it is and where it’s coming from or should she run and hide?

That’s what seems to be going through the brain of this very cute kitty. Cats often react like this when they see or hear something they are not quite sure of before going into the fight or flight scenario. Is it a threat or is it not a threat, that is the question.

This cat can not see the noise and does not know where it is coming from, but one thing is for sure. She does not like what she is hearing, therefore if it is not good for her ears its is not good for her. She’s not hanging around to find out what it is, she’s off.

But she just needs to take one quick look before she makes up her mind. And the good news for us is that she looks really cute doing it too.

Check it out below:

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