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What If You Didn’t Have To Train Your Cat To Use A Litter Box!

Cats usually need some sort of training to start using the litter box. But what if you didn’t have to train your cat? What if your cat didn’t need a litter box at all?

What if your cat used the household toilet, even flushing it after every use, without needing any sort of training at all? You don’t have to train your cat at all!

That’s what this clever cat, Neufie, an orange tabby started doing quite out of the blue! No training needed he just started using the household toilet!

Perhaps he saw other family members using the john, and decided, well, “that’s where we go to do our business.”

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Whatever the reason, he is definitely one smart kitty!

However, it came about, who needs a litter box when you can have a cat like this. Meet Neufie, the extraordinary ginger cat who learned how to use the toilet without any training.

“Neufie” the cat is definitely one of a kind. Without any lessons at all, he decides to use the toilet all on his own!

How did he come to realize this as a natural thing to do?”

You can watch the full video of this extraordinary cat right here:


When his dog attacks a defenseless little kitten he just stands there and watches. I think he forgot about Momma cat!

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