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What Happens When You Just Can’t Stand It Anymore? Be Polite Or Let Them Have It?

At one point or another, we have all been in this cats position. The big question though is what do you do about it when it happens to you?

You know what I mean when you are with someone who, for some reason or another, just smells, a little offensive. It could be body odor, foot odor, bad breath, or some other odors that I don’t think we can go into on this site.

How do you handle it? Do just use a stiff upper lip because you are really polite and tough it out, getting out of this person proximity as soon as humanly possible while maintaining your manners.

Or do you just let them know, verbally letting them have it, or, through your body language as you recoil in horror?

Everybody is different, and to a large extent, it depends on how well we know the person. If it’s your husband or wife you can be pretty blunt about the whole matter.

Less so if it is someone who your have just met.

The cat in the video you about to see has been put in a similar situation to the one we have been discussing.

To see how a feline would handle it, click play below:

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