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What Does She Want? He Opens The Door And Soon Finds Out?

This cat keeps popping her head above the door? What does she want? Does she want to be let in? Does she want her owner to come out? What does she want?

Nala is a Maine Coon, big, furry and full of fun. She lives in Norway, very nice in the summer, but also very cold in the winter. One thing Nala loves to do is play, and winter time is one of her favorite seasons to do just that, play.

In this video, she is constantly popping her head into her view, trying to get her owner’s attention. But he seems oblivious to what she is doing. But she is not about to give up. She keeps popping her head into view until finally, he opens the door. But what is he opening the door to, that is the question?

And finally, it all becomes clear. This Maine Coon loves one thing and one thing only. Winter time and that fluffy white stuff that comes along with it called snow. Thank God Nala lives in Norway where this white stuff is par for the course. Because here in Norway this Maine Coon is in kitty cat paradise.

He Thinks The Cat Wants In & Opens The Door. Wait Till You See What She REALLY Wants! Nala the cat absolutely loves wintertime. Just when dad thinks she’s finally ready to come inside, he realizes that she just wants him to play with her in the snow. Too cute! 

Watch here as Nala’s owner finds out what this attention seeking Maine Coon is all about:

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