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What Do You Do When Go To The Shelter To Pick Up A New Kitten And Your Missing Cat Is Up For Adoption?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of losing a family member, not knowing where they are or if they are even OK?

The same thing goes for pets because that’s just what they are too, family members. A huge part of our everyday lives, this is a feeling that a five-year-old boy knows only too well.

His best friend went missing, it was not an easy time for him when he realized he was gone and may not be coming back. His kitten was adopted in 2008 when just a baby.

Almost a year and a half ago it went missing and they could not find it. So the family made the decision to go to the Cat Protection shelter to adopt another cat, only to realize when they got there that one of the cats they saw could be their missing pet!

You can listen to the whole story below:

His microchip confirmed that the cat was theirs, and this little boy is so happy to have his cat back. Unfortunately, the cat that they came in to the shelter to adopt could not come home with them as it is not a cat that gets along well with others. When faced with the choice, they knew that they had to bring their long-lost pet home.

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