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Want To See What This Cat Got Up To For Easter?

We are a multi-faceted society, very multi-cultural, with different beliefs interests and hobbies. Therefore, as such, we all spent easter doing many different things.

Some of us went away for the Easter break, some of us dedicated it to our own personal religious beliefs through worship and prayer. While others used it to catch up on a little home maintenance.

Others, did absolutely nothing, zilch, zero and nada. I kinda fell into that group in a way. We headed to the beach for easter for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

We didn’t just blob out there and do absolutely nothing, though it was tempting. We did a little snorkeling and went on a dolphin tour, which was amazing, especially for the kids.

That’s why I say kinda fell into the zilch, zero and nada group. In the video you are about to see, there is a cat that is well and truly in that category, and I suspect, proud of it too.

This cat has his plans for easter set in concrete, and his very willing human staff member makes sure he achieves it.

You can watch this hilarious cat here, right below:

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