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Watch What Happens When You Want To Have A Catfight But Your Hearts Just Not In It

We all know how vicious cat fights can be!! Horrible hissing, spitting affairs right?

Hissing and spitting, clawing and scratching along with angry meowing and yowling. But what happens when two cats know they want to fight but they are really just can’t be bothered?

Maybe they’ve just had a large meal and are too full to fight, or maybe they are having a rough day and can’t be bothered? Whatever the reason these two are sorting out their differences with the laziest cat fight I have ever seen!

It’s obvious right from the start that as far as this fight goes, these two don’t really have their hearts in it. But for the sake of finishing what one of them started they go through the motions in an almost peaceful fashion. The way it finishes is almost as funny as the way it started in the first place.

I think the best way to explain it is, this is a cat fight Tai Chi style, what do you think?

Check it out by clicking play below:

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