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Crouching In Fear, The Feral Kitten Lowers Her Ears, He Tries To Touch Her For The Very First Time!

On a rainy morning, about 2 am in Japan, a man hears meowing coming from the lower level of a parking building.

He follows the pitiful sounds down a few flights of stairs to its source. What he sees amazes him, beside a motorcycle is the most bedraggled, scared but feisty little calico kitten he has ever seen. She looked to be a completely feral kitten.

She crouches low in fear with her ears lowered, she is lost frightened and alone.

He tries to calm her down, but she is terrified and hisses at him, she spits at him warning him to keep away from her.

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Completely feral, she screams whenever some tries to pick her up.

Braver than her siblings, one feral kitten looks right at her.

So then he tries using animal noises as a way of communication, just to get through to her he means no harm, and it seems to work.

He seems to be getting through to her, he meows like a cat and even makes bird noises too, then as a last resort he offers her his hand

Watch the video of her being touched for the very first time, click next below! 

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