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Watch What Happens To This Kitten When Someone Rings The Doorbell. Wait for it…….Keep Watching!

This kitten is just doing what most kittens love to do, playing with its owner with one of its favorite toy’s, but when someone rings the doorbell things begin to change quite dramatically.

The transformation is hilarious, apparently, this happens quite a lot when someone rings the doorbell at this house! Is this a regular kitten or is it a meerkitten? And the expression on this kitten’s face is worth watching over and over!!

Completely different to “Watch This Home Alone Kittens Reaction When Her Parents Finally Come Home,” but just as entertaining. In the “Home Alone” video, the little kitten is lying in wait waiting for her parents to come home. Anticipation is key here.

Whereas in this video, this kitten is being entertained when something completely unexpected happens, this is all about surprise. But one thing is certain, both a very very cute for very different reasons. This video is short but sweet, make sure you watch it right to the end so you don’t miss the grand finale.

Watch this cute video right here by clicking below:

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