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Watch Her Reaction When She See’s What The Vet Hiding From Her

Sometimes we all get the feeling that someone it is looking over our shoulder, only to turn around and no one is there. And sometimes, just sometimes someone is there.

In this case, we have a lovely white cat at the vets, and she knows she is not in an ideal situation. It’s pretty clear something is up. After all, there is a very untrustworthy man with a syringe.

That’s not good. Second of all, she is shut against her will in a cage and she has no way of escape. So what in this situation can you do? Cower in the corner, run around aimlessly in panic?

No, not this cat, she concludes there is only one thing you can do, all you can do is try and evaluate the situation and get a better look. And that’s when this video becomes interesting, especially when she sees what he is dong.

Because its how she gets a better look that is so hilarious if you are not sure what I mean just think Africa and another animal the has cat in its name?

Watch this short, sweet yet hilarious video below:

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