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Snow White, They Are Not Just Any Maine Coons, These Two Are Magnificent Maine Coon Sisters.


And there are many breeds to choose from, however, a Maine Coon is a loving and faithful companion. That, we can almost guarantee. A large cat, they are very expressive, very friendly, open, and love about as much attention as you can give them. Some people even say its almost the same as having a dog.

Screenshot via YouTube/Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

Great news for those of you who want to have some of the benefits of owning a dog without really owning one. It’s large size also means a large brain, making this cat breed one of the more intelligent there is. And just like a dog it is also easily trained. What really sets this cat apart from other breeds is the love and desire to be around water.

Screenshot via YouTube/Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

So meet Brigitte and Frozen Queen, two beautiful Maine Coon sisters.

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Robert Silka of Felis Gallery just posted a video of these beautiful sisters on his YouTube channel. One that is so stunning I felt I just had to it share with you.

Screenshot via YouTube/Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

Robert says that “the Maine Coon Cat is the native American long-haired cat. The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed. It has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills.”

Screenshot via YouTube/Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

In my photography, I try to show all the dignity of this breed. These cats are not only beautiful but also a great company for people, I would say that they are dogs in cat skin.”

Screenshot via YouTube/Felis Gallery by Robert Sijka

Watch the full video of these two beautiful sisters here below:

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Due Any Day She Is Dumped In The Woods With No Possibility Of Finding Food Or Water!

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