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Two Talking Cats Having A Highly Entertaining Conversation

Opinions are many and varied on what these two cats are talking about, unfortunately for their owners, overwhelming opinion appears not to be in their favor!

I would give anything to know what these two talking cats are discussing, unfortunately not understanding cat I have had to read through some of the translations under the video.

Peoples opinions on what is being discussed are many and quite varied, However, the overwhelming opinion seems to be that this feline conversation is either on world domination or how to do away with their owners!

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Neither topic sounds too good for humans!

Here is a small sample of peoples translations of this entertaining feline conversation:

Apparently you don’t speak cat. I hope you read this before it’s too late. They were talking about plans to “deal with” a resident human. That’s usually not good. They didn’t say anything more specific in this clip. They do plan on bringing in reinforcements, likely by “encouraging” you to “adopt” more cats. Be careful. They can be crafty warriors and frequently deflect blame to humans or other animals in the vicinity.

Still on the doing away with their human’s theme:

Notice how they continually shift after they “speak”, it’s a clear sign they are not comfortable with the human filming, they are obviously discussing his death and destruction of the film.

Then it starts to get a little personal until one cat seems to get bored with the conversation is going!

“That loose paving stone is driving me nuts. Why don’t they fix it??” “Nah, you were nuts way before that.” “Listen furface, I have a pedigree.” “Only pedigree you got is in a can.”

You can watch this hilarious conversation right here below:

Here’s a priceless moment of two adorable cats having a deep conversation while watching the birds outside the window. Who knows what these cats were talking about. maybe, they’re plotting something against their human or just talking about PAWlitics.

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Found starving in someones back yard, now he doesn’t let anything slow him down.

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