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Toddler Picks Up Newborn Kitten, Look Out For Mommy Cat!

Toddlers and newborn pets are really not a good combination. Very small children have not yet learned to be gentle with animals and newborn animals themselves are almost defenseless.

So when a youtube video hit the internet showing a very young child picking up a helpless kitten peoples opinions on the clip flooded the youtube users page.

Many people, quite rightly too, simply wondering why this little kid was first allowed to pick up the tiny feline and then hold onto it?

What was not taken into account by any adults in the room was Moma cats reaction to what was taking place, I don’t think they will allow this to happen again thats for sure.

You can watch the full video below and decide for yourself, just click play:

“The only responsible one in this video is the momma cat! Don’t give a helpless animal to a kid,” commented one viewer.

Another reader writes, “This isn’t cute. Do you have any idea how stressful this is for Mother cat? The child is also way to young to be handling animals. Not cute and the parents are stupid.”

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