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To This Stray Cat, It Was The Simplest Of Gestures That Meant The Most

Near a fountain a stray cat wants a drink, luckily there is a good samaritan on hand to help, what he does next has touched many hearts around the world.

Thirsty the stray cat wants a drink, but doing so without getting wet is not so easy so a kind man makes decides to help. It is a reminder that sometimes the smallest of gestures can mean the most, even to a stray cat.

One thing to note is how trusting this stray is, allowing him to kneel behind and scoop handful after handful of water for it to drink.

It reminds me of this story, such a short and simple video that sends a very powerful message.

You can watch this very sweet video right here:

The video has been circulating Reddit is touching hearts and proving that small gestures can still make a difference!

The short clip below is explained simply by its title: “helping a stray cat drink from a water fountain.”

Many commenters on the post speculate that the video was taken at a washing station outside a mosque, possibly in Turkey. Others chimed in saying that locals hold cats in high regard and look after, as well as feed, the stray population.

One way or another, this heartwarming clip shows that every act of kindness, no matter how small, is worth doing!

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He went missing for four days, they searched everywhere. Somehow during that time, paralyzed, he managed to drag himself home.

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