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This Little Guy Is So Cute He Doesn’t Walk He Waddles

We know kittens are cute, but there could be something more cute than a kitten and that is a Munchkin kitten!

That is the conclusion I have come to since watching this video, this little guy is simply adorable. One viewer said, ” That baby is a beautiful ball of fur. I wanted to reach through my monitor, pick it up and hold it to my face.”

And I couldn’t agree more, I had a similar impulse myself when I saw this cute little kitten.

This little kitten is a Munchkin cat, they are a fairly new breed of cat which created a lot of controversy in 1995 when The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized them. Most of those that criticized the breed were people concerned over possible lack of mobility issues due to the shortness of their legs.

Some people have said the shortness of their legs does interfere with their ability to jump, while others say it does not impair them at all?

Whatever peoples opinions are, Munchkins are known for their playful outgoing nature, they like people and love to be handled. They are an intelligent cat that comes in a whole range of colors and fur lengths, like most other cat breeds.

After watching this adorable kitten I think I have become a died in the hole fan!

You can watch this cute little ball of fluffiness right here:

This cute little kitten is so rare he is almost literally 1 in a million.

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