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This Is What Happens When You Just Need A Little Attention

Sometimes we all need a little attention, maybe we’ve had a bad day and just want to talk about it. Or maybe we just need a hug, a little reassurance. But what happens if the one you need it from has their attention focused elsewhere?

What if its the day of the big game, or their favorite movie is about to start and their attention is not on you, but rather on the big screen sitting in front of them.

What do you do in that situation? You have a number of choices, most of which probably aren’t good choices. Usually, choices that end up with one or both of you being upset.

You could walk off in a huff. You could complain and possibly start an argument ending with both of you being upset. Or you could do what the kitty in this video does. An option which, after careful consideration, I think, is the best option.

What do you think?

You can watch what she does in the video below:

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