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This Cat Is Not About To Take This Challange Lying Down!

Most cats are indoor cats, especially at winter time, squirrels seem to know there is protection for them in the form of windows, and like to take the time to deliberately taunt our cats. One cat at least is not about to take this challenge lying down!

Squirrels often seem to taunt our pets, showing up dogs by effortlessly climbing up trees, leaving the poor dog barking at the base. And brazenly taunting our cats on the other side of the windows as our poor felines paw at the pane of glass.

And so it was for Milo the cat as a squirrel came over to the windowsill to get some sunflower seed only to see Milo staring longingly at him. This squirrel seemed to know full well that he was safe and so a staring competition began.

You can watch the full video below:

Milo’s owner, Diane Mitchell, told People, “[Milo] had just come in from outside when the little squirrel borrowed underneath the snow to get the sunflower seeds at the base of our window.” 

This video has been viewed over 114,000 times as we write this with many more to follow we’re sure. These two are just too cute but a note of warning to the squirrel – soon the snow will be gone and the windows will be open! Since Milo had already come in from outside, the squirrels are likely to see more of him as spring approaches.

Watch what happens when this cat meets an unusual animal for the very first time!

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