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Think Cats Can’t Fly. Watch This Little Guy Prepare For Take Off

This side of the bed belongs to me, that side of the bed belongs me, over here and over there. It’s all mine!

This 12-week old kitten is having the time of his life! What he is is a bundle of kittenish energy unleashing itself upon what was a very tidy looking bed. In fact, for 1.o7 seconds this bed has become his kingdom, a kingdom suited for one purpose and one purpose only. Having fun!

This little guy has the energy to burn that is for sure, check out his tail and the sideways steps as he charges around like an overexcited, well, kitten?!

He’s just as cute as this talkative little kitten, though I half expected the mirror to play a part in this video. It’s pretty clear this particular kitten has worked out there is no other kitten on the other side looking back.

To watch him take his first test flight click next below!


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