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Think Cat Burglars Aren’t Real? Here’s The Proof!

We’ve all heard stories of cat burglars. Thieves who break into homes in the dead of the night taking jewelry, whatever they like. No one hears a thing because these guys are quiet as cats.

There’s a reason cats are so quiet, they have soft pads on their feet and extreme patience when hunting, hence the phrase “as silent as a cat.”

So what do you do when things are going missing from your fridge and you can’t work out how? Most of the time there is no one in the house?

So who is doing it and how are they getting in? Someone must be breaking in? But how? All the doors and windows are locked and nothing has been forced? Someone must have a key!

So the only thing to do is to catch them in the act, and the only way to do that is to hide a camera where the burglars can’t see it. That way they will suspect nothing and you will have all the footage.

To watch them catch the cat burglars get caught in the act click play below:

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