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They Were Enjoying Watching The Birds When They Get A Huge Surprise.

These two cats are having a great time watching what is going on outside, but things change instantly when they get a surprise visitor.

Cats love to watch what is going outside, this is especially true of indoor cats. To them, the outside window is like a huge T.V with a constantly changing screen.

Birds flying past or sitting in the trees, squirrels or other rodents gathering nuts will make them perk up their ears and pay close attention.

You can make this constantly changing world a lot more interesting for them by installing a bird feeder just outside their favorite window. They will stay enthralled as long as there are birds in the feeder. So make sure you keep it full of seeds or bread.

Natural predators, they are always on the lookout for a possible meal on the wing or on foot, even when they are stuck inside. You might hear one of them chirping in the video, this is thought to possibly lull birds into a false sense of security.

But even cats can be surprised by the unexpected, they have good reactions though!

Cats are also curious by nature as you will see so it doesn’t take much to entertain them. Birds outside or a cardboard box inside, that’s all it takes.

You can watch the full video below:

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He’s driving home when he thinks he sees a small face looking at him from the median barrier. It takes him 25 mins to drive back to that same spot!

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