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They Tried To Surprise Her, But What Was In The Box Had Other Ideas!

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned life’s most perfect moments can become life’s most perfect imperfect moments.

At least that’s what happened to these parents when they tried to give their three-year-old daughter a cat for Christmas. I mean cats are supposed to like boxes right? Perhaps not with the lid closed though.

As the little girl’s father puts it “Sometimes life’s imperfect moments are more perfect than you could imagine :). I think he hit the nail right on the head with that comment.

Sometimes life’s unexpected moments can be more perfect than you could ever have believed. After all, that’s what helps keep life interesting, and it’s going to become even more interesting for this little girl now she has a feline friend to share her life with.

Watch this imperfect gift giving right here:

They tried to surprise her with a kitty for Christmas, but her new feline friend had something else in mind. Judging by her precious reaction, at least no one let the cat out of the bag before she could open the present.

This dog found seven little surprises in this box!

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