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They Take Off Not Knowing There Is A Stowaway Onboard. This Could Be CATastrophic

Note to self: always check microlite before take off in case of unwanted stowaways.

One luck lady is about to take her first flight in a microlite, as the pilot taxis down the runway both him and his passenger have no clue there is a stowaway onboard

Everything is fine as the microlite takes off a begins its flight, that is until about 40 seconds into the flight the pilot decides to check the wings to make sure everything is working as it should be.

Click below and see it all unfold in this amazing video:

That’s when the stowaway appears from inside the wing and slowly makes his way towards the cockpit. And would you believe it’s a cat!

An extremely bemused pilot spots the black and white kitty and cannot believe his eyes. After another minute of the cat holding on for dear life, the pilot heads back down to land where the cat jumps off the wing seemingly unharmed and looking rather windswept!

Roman Jantot, the pilot, said of the experience: “It was a routine flight and then I realized the importance of looking into the wings before taking off. By the way, the cat is fine and continues to be the club’s mascot.”

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