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A Tiny Kitten Refuses To Make The Five-Foot Leap Of Faith, Watch The Heartwarming Moment They Refuse To Leave Him Behind!

Refusing to leave the tiny kitten stranded where he was, three adult cats work out just how they are going to help?

Three adult cats and a small kitten are making their way across the rooftops in Naples, Italy when the kitten refuses to attempt a five-foot to another roof to join the others.

The cats refuse to leave their much smaller companion and appear to be deciding just what to do about this unexpected situation?

Screenshot via YouTube/Newsflare

They peer off the edge of the roof while the kitten remains on the steps below, looking back up.

The footage shows the touching moment one of the cats jumps back down to try and carry the kitten back up

Screenshot via YouTube/Newsflare

She grabs the kitten by the scruff of the neck and attempts a jump, however, she loses her grip, and the kitten falls, tumbling back down the steps.

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Barely clinging onto life, he refuses to leave his side until help arrives.

Safe at last she climbs onto her rescuer’s shoulder and refuses to let go.

Once again they refuse to leave the kitten behind, and the older cat goes back to the kitten, making sure he’s OK.

Screenshot via YouTube/Newsflare

Having ascertained the kitten is alright, she attempts the leap once again.

On its second attempt, the cat manages to launch itself on top of the roof without dropping the kitten and reunites it with the other felines.

Screenshot via YouTube/Newsflare

Lucio said: ‘I witnessed this scene this morning. The anxiety and suspense were very dramatic. I was willing them to succeed. It was like a National Geographic show.’ 

It is not known whether the kitten had fallen from the roof or whether the three cats had leaped up first and had to go back for their younger feline friend.

Screenshot via YouTube/Newsflare

The heart-warming video footage was captured on May 14 this year and recently resurfaced.

Watch the video in full right here below:

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Found Standing Beside A Cat Carrier In The Middle Of Nowhere, She Steadfastly Refused To Leave!

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