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There’s Parkour Then There’s CAT Parkour

Parkour is impressive to watch, the freestyle ability to move from point to point b, but it has nothing on CAT Parkour.

I have always enjoyed watching Parkour or Freestyle running, I think its quite a beautiful free-flowing way to go where you want to go. That is until I saw Cat Parkour or Feline Free-Running. Then the luster of human Parkour faded somewhat.

Parkour can be best be described as a natural, logical way of moving through your environment, overcoming any obstacle that may be in your way. And doing it in the fastest way possible, whether it be by climbing, jumping or vaulting.

A close relative of parkour is Free Running, very similar to parkour except it is somewhat flashier, involving spins, flips, and acrobatics. Individuals express themselves using their own style.

“Free Running” by Laura Barisonzi is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Taking it one step further is Cat Parkour or Feline Free Running. To be honest, this feline form of self-expression through movement blows human parkour and free running out of the water. Watch the video below and see what I mean.

You can watch the video right here below:

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