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When All Else Fails, Sometimes The Only Thing Left Is Tough Love

For some of us, there is nothing harder than trying to stick to a diet. Temptation, in many forms, surrounds us where ever we go. The urge to succumb to eating that cheesecake or fried chicken, just this once, can sometimes be overpowering.

So some of us even try to avoid succumbing to the temptation of eating the wrong food by garnering the support of friends and family. But what happens when this loving and supportive environment changes from what was originally intended and turns into something and more sinister?

We have all heard the phrase, tough love. You know the one? When well-meaning friends and or family decide that a loved one has gone so far off the rails, that stronger measures need to be taken in order to stop complete self-destruction.

This is clearly what has happened in the video below. This hungry feline obviously can no longer control the urge to eat and stronger measures need to be taken by a canine sibling. The measures that he is taking are perhaps a little too tough, but none the less they are very effective.

Click below to see what measures he feels he needs to take to save his sibling from his or herself:

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