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There’s Nothing Better Than True Love

True love is pure love and it is clear to see that this sweet pair truly love each other.

And to demonstrate that just listen to what she is singing, it goes hand in hand with the sweet cuddles that they are giving each other.

These two are more like brother and sister than human and pet.

This video shows that you don’t have to be from the same species to love one another. Love crosses all sorts of boundaries and is the strongest force in the universe.

What a lucky kitty to have a fuurrever friend sing him off to sleep like this, but he is repaying in kind by giving her nice hugs as he drifts off to never never land.

I can remember having a cat like this one, every night he would come to bed with us, snuggling right up to our faces purring away. We would wake up every morning to his purrs to, sleeping right where we left him.

This little girl will always remember these lovely moments for the rest of her life.

You can watch the sweet interaction between these two by clicking play below:

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