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Their Cat Went Missing. They Couldn’t Believe Where They Found Him?

Their cat went out for a stroll one morning and never came home. When they found out where he was they couldn’t believe it?!

He wasn’t lost, well not in the literal sense anyway. He ended up in a pet store just down the road from his owner’s house. But he didn’t go into to hang out with the other animals. Oh no, this cat had other plans for his day.

YouTuber SensualCat, thinks the cat wandered by himself into the store “by accident” but I’m not sure about that? Being local perhaps he knew exactly what was there and had this whole thing planned?

You can watch this cats full adventure in the narcotic section right here:

Pure kitty bliss, high on catnip 😀 Oh, and his owner came to pick him up, so all’s well that ends well!

We suppose the feline simply entered the store and went on a hunt for “all things cat,” and ended up striking the mother lode … OF CATNIP!

Trespassing, theft, drug possession. It’s a good thing for the cat the store manager decided not to “purr-ess” formal charges!

Perhaps this little guy was high on catnip too?

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