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The Snooze Button On This Alarm Clock Is Set For Instant Attention

We all know what it’s like when your alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning, you just want a few more minutes sleep. So you hit snooze and grab a few more ZZzzzzz’s? But what if your snooze button doesn’t give you enough time. What if your alarm goes off the instant you hit the snooze button?

That’s the situation for this poor man. He just wants a few more minutes sleep, but his alarm clock, in this situation it’s his cat, keeps coming right back demanding instant attention. No matter who many times he gently pushes her away with his head, this little feline just comes back for more.

And she does it with style too! Upon her toes, tail out, this is one determined feline, she won’t take no for an answer. She knows what she wants, and what she wants is her human out of bed.

But he is equally determined too, just a few more precious minutes sleep. But I think we all know how this will end? He’s fighting a losing battle, top marks for effort though.

Check out her precious moves here:

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