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The Saying Usually Goes, “Look What The Cat Dragged In!” Not This Time, This Time Someone Else Brought A New Pet Home.

Usually, the saying goes “look what the cat dragged in.” But not this time, this time it’s “look what her dog dragged in?! And boy is it cute!

This dog decided to adopt a homeless baby kitten, and give it lots of love, and what a caring foster dad he became. He is very very attentive about his new baby, making sure he is getting all the right care and attention.

And this is one more little baby that has found a home, thanks to one very caring dog and his human family, as you will see in this foster dog, foster kitten relationship, things went really well and this tiny kitten grew into a cat that now returns all the love this dog showed her when she was a tiny kitten.

You can meet these best two friends below:

It seemed like Crosby was okay with being the only pet in the house – or so his guardian thought…

One day, when his guardian came home, instead of the usually excited welcome, Crosby led straight to the bathtub – where a little kitten was meowing away!

“It seems to me that Crosby must have brought her inside.” To make things even more unbelievable, the four-month-old kitten had “an uncanny resemblance” to Crosby’s departed cat friend.

The guardian inquired about the kitten in the neighborhood, but no one knew if she had a home. At the vet, they also found that she had not been microchipped but had been spayed just a few days earlier.

The vet made it clear that if the kitty was brought to the shelter, she would be put down since the place was already over capacity. The choice was either to let her back into the streets or adopt her. “So I guess I have a kitten now!” Crosby’s caretaker wrote.

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